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Choose Exactly What Detailing Services You Need


  • Ultimate Express In and Out—includes interior vacuuming and general interior cleaning. Plus exterior hand wash, wheel cleaning and liquid spray wax.
  • Standard Wax—includes exterior hand wash, wheel cleaning, window cleaning and paint wax and polish.
  • Ultimate Premier Wax—same as standard wax, but also includes a claying process to remove impurities in paint prior to wax and polish.
  • Standard Interior Detail—includes interior air purging, vacuuming, cleaning, shampooing and fragrance.
  • Premier Interior Full Detail Package—same as standard wax, with UV protectant applied to all vinyl and plastic components. Shampoo or condition all cloth or leather.
  • Mini Full Detail—includes Standard Interior Detail Package and exterior is washed and protected with express applicant paint sealant.
  • Ultimate Red Carpet—includes Premier Interior Full Detail Package plus the Ultimate Premier Wax.
  • Paint Correction—we will inspect your vehicle and determine the best course of action to fix your paint.
  • Ceramic Coating Packages—add a ceramic coating that chemically bonds to your paint creating an additional layer of protection.
  • Custom Coach and RV—full detail, exterior detail and interior detail packages available for coach or RV.
  • Engine Cleaning and Dressing—includes application of cleaners to the engine, brushing off caked-on debris, and air-blowing dry.
  • Eco-Friendly Wash Systems—upon request, we can use an eco-friendly washing system to use less water.
  • Odor Removal or Mold Removal—remove odor, smoke, and topical mold growth.
  • Cloudy Headlight Removal—perform several stages of cloudy headlight removal treatment.
  • Express Wash H2O Sealant—includes a car wash and sealant application.